Changes in UOS and FOS Exam Programs. (Urgent)

For the Environmental Engineering, MUH-913 Entrepreneurship for Engineers and MUH-935 Waste Management in Industries FOS exams, which will be held on Friday, 04.11.2022 at 16:00, the hours and classes had to be changed.


For the MUH-913 "Entrepreneurship for Engineers" Exam;

The session , which was in K1-6 at 16:00, will be started at 20:00 in the same hall,
The session at 16:00 in K1-7 and K1-9, transferred to 20:00 in halls K2-7 and K2-8,


For the MUH-935 "Industrial Waste Management" Course Exam;

The sessions, which were in K2-7 and K2-8 at 16:00, were transferred to halls K2-10 and K2-11 at 20:00.

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