Our faculty member Prof. Dr. Mehmet KİTİŞ is on the list of the World's Most Influential Scientists

Stanford University scientists, Professor John P. A. Ioannidis, and his research team, included in the list of scientists from around the world in 22 disciplines and 176 sub-disciplines, indicators such as “number of qualified publications”, “citations to publications”, “h-index”, “hm-index” were taken into account.

The "World's Most Influential Scientists" list, published by Stanford University in the Elsevier database and included in the top 2 percent according to the 2021 citation year, was prepared in two categories as "career-long impact" and "annual impact". 14 faculty members from our university are included in the annual impact and 7 faculty members are in the career-long impact categories.

We congratulate Prof. Dr. Mehmet KİTİŞ, one of the faculty members of our department, who took place both categories in the published list, for his success.


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Yayın Tarihi: 13/10/2022
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