General Information

In order to serve the region in parallel with developments in Industry and Technology in Göller District, Suleyman Demirel University Electronic and Communication Engineering Department provides MSc and PhD programs since 1994-1995 and Undergraduate programs since 1995-1996. In 2018, Department's name was changed as Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The academic goal of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is to progress for our students'  attitudes, values, vision, and training. We aim to prepare them for lifetimes of continued learning and leadership, to develop the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively to generate realistic and innovative solutions for the current and future technological needs.

Major Programs: There are 7 major programs in Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
1. Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technique
2. Telecommunication
3. Theory of Circuits and Systems
4. Electronics
5. Electrical Machines
6. Electrical Facillities
7. Control Systems

Education: In Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, educational language is mainly English but due to developing of International colloboration, faculty members and other staff can prepare English version and courses documents. In order to attend the international students can find lab documents, online briefs and presentations of some courses in English. In order to attend courses in the first semester the students must either pass the English Proficiency exam taken at the beginning of fall semester or continue to prebschool in the School of Foreign Languages for 1 year. Preparotory school (English) is not medatory, optional. In first year class, education mainly focuses on basic engineering sciences and basics of electronics engineering. In second year class, people generally deals with electronic circuits, analysis of circuits and electromagnetic fields. Last two years of education basicly includes courses like communication systems, digital systems, high voltage technics sytems, control systems, and microprocessors. Fourth year class students prepare an engineering project with use of their creativity, knowledge and technology. To be graduated from Electrical and Electronics Engineering student must pass total 120+ credits. Besides, they must complete electronic internship for 25 work days and finally electrical internship lasting 25 days.

SOCRATES/ERASMUS: According to aggrements about mobilities between our teaching staffs with other universities abroad in the framework Socrates program, our undergraduate and MS students have opportunity continuing part of their education in universities abroad.

Project: Talented and successful students may work for instructors projects gaining small amount of money while advancing themselves.

Career: Our graduates may work in public corporations such as Turk Telekom, Türk Kablo, TRT, Turkish Airlines, Military Electronic Industry, in firms producing electronic tools and devices, as well as in whole public and private corporations like medical electronic, computer, textile and etc. The fact that in organizations automation process is used and use of electronic systems in almost every area, our graduates have chanse finding jobs in many fields they prefer.