Vision and Mission


Our vision is to become a leader department among the engineering departments in Turkey that meets universal standards with its outstanding education and research, and converts the results of research into the technology for the benefit of our community and mankind.


Our mission is to prepare mechanical engineers who is

  • having basic engineering skills or problem-solving and lifelong learning;
  • having sufficient grounding in basic science, mathematics and mechanical engineering to perform effectively, over time, in industry or other employment,
  • able to pinpoint and define engineering problems in the field of mechanical engineering,
  • able to employ necessary techniques, hardware, and communication tools for modern engineering applications,
  • able to solve problems through analytical thinking in their own or related fields,
  • able to work in a multi-disciplinary environment,
  • able to follow and contribute to the developments in their own field recognizing the significance of lifelong learning,
  • able to communicate effectively,
  • having strong ethical and professional responsibility and adhering to quality,
  • able to take individual responsibility and to work as a part of a team.