Administrative Units

Head of the Department 
Prof.Dr. Gültekin ÖZDEMİR

Deputy Head of Department 
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim KORUCA

Secretary of Department 
Serhat ŞEN


COMMISSIONS (2019-2020)


Course-Exam Schedule and ECTS Commission

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim KORUCA (Chair)

R.A. Emine Rümeysa KOCAER

R.A. M. Emrah BURHAN

R.A. Murat Onur YILDIRIM

-       Preparation of undergraduate and graduate weekly course schedules

-       Hanging the undergraduate weekly course schedules on the classroom doors

-       Examination of the demands of the course branch to be changed due to conflict

-       Preparation of undergraduate and graduate exam programs and supervisor lists

-       Preparation of Graduate Seminar and Thesis Monitoring Committee presentation programs

-       Periodically checking the forms that contain information such as hours, ECTS credits, contents and resources of our department's courses.


Senior Project Course Commission

Prof. Dr. Gültekin ÖZDEMİR (Chair)

R.A. Büşra OLGUN

R.A. Emine Rümeysa KOCAER

-       Organization of Senior Project

-       Attempting to identify graduation assignment topics to be worked in partnership with other Departments and Research Centers

-       Informing students about the project application for the Senior Project

-       Graduation Project topics are collected from the instructors and announced on the Department's website.

-       Informing students about the selection of Graduation Project topics and distributing them to students

-       To make proposals to the Department Board about the selection criteria of the Graduation Project topics, to create forms and to archive the forms as e-files after the election

-       Coordination between Graduation Project students and their advisors

-       Organization of Graduation Paper presentations

-       Creation and announcement of Senior Project juries


Double Major - Minor Commission

Asst. Prof. Dr. Erdal AYDEMIR (Chair)

R.A. Mustafa Emrah BURHAN

-       Preparation of lesson plans for Minor and Double Major Education

-       Making necessary attempts for double major and/or minor programs with departments of our faculty and other faculties.

-       Determination of student quotas and students for Minor and Double Major Education

-       Registration and follow-up of minor and double major students


Internship Commission

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hakan ALTUNAY (Chair)

R.A. Mustafa Emrah BURHAN

- Informing students about the internship

- Submitting an opinion to the Academic Board of the Department on issues related to internship

- Checking the suitability of private / public institutions and organizations proposed by students for the internship

- Correspondence with relevant institutions and organizations for the provision of private / public institutions and organizations where internships can be held

- Organization of internship workplace visits

- Ensuring that the necessary inspections are carried out in order to carry out the internship in accordance with its purpose and rules.

- Oral exams for collecting, examining, evaluating and evaluating internship books

- Making the necessary examinations at the End of Internship State Contribution Approval Forms

- Other procedures related to the internship


Horizontal Transition and Adjustment Commission

Asst. Prof. Dr. Serap AKCAN (Chair)

R.A. Büşra OLGUN

R.A. Murat Onur YILDIRIM

- Yearly adjustments and exemptions of students who transfer to our department

- Making class adjustments and exemptions for students who want to replace the courses they have successfully completed in a higher education institution that they have attended, instead of the courses with the equivalent in our department

  - Adaptation of students who come with amnesty laws

  - Adaptation of the courses that are successful in different universities in summer school

  - Preparation of exemption and adaptation conditions, student exemption and adjustment in case of a lesson plan change


Exchange Programs Commission (ERASMUS, FARABI, MEVLANA)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halil Ibrahim KORUCA (Chair)

R.A. Murat Onur YILDIRIM

- Correspondence required for student and faculty exchange agreements with domestic and international universities, and other correspondence required within the scope of the agreement.

- Renewal of renewed agreements

- Implementing exchange programs and increasing bilateral relations with exchanging higher education institutions

- Organizing meetings so that students who go to change can transfer their experiences to students going to change.

- Making course adaptations of outgoing and incoming students

- Helping outgoing and incoming students in solving their problems


Graduation Registration Commission

Prof. Dr. Gültekin ÖZDEMİR (Chair)

R.A. Büşra OLGUN

R.A. Murat Onur YILDIRIM

- Examining the transcripts of the students who have the right to graduate and the transcript if necessary

- Comparison of the transcripts of the students with the right to graduate and the student follow-up schedules kept by the advisors.

- Examining student transcripts of single course exam applications and checking their transcripts if necessary

- Ensuring the control of the letter grades given after the Single Course Exam by comparing the raw grades and the letter grades corresponding to the raw grades in the last semester's final assessment of that course.

- Deciding on the graduation of students who have successfully completed all the courses in the education plan


Research Projects Commission

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim KORUCA (Chair)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Erdal AYDEMİR

R.A. Büşra OLGUN

- To carry out studies to increase the quality of research,

- To encourage the formation of such research groups by promoting the planning and execution of interdisciplinary research.

- Contributing to the creation of faculty science policy


MÜDEK Accreditation Coordination and Documentation Commission

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Onur OLGUN (Chair)

R.A. Busra OLGUN

R.A. Emine Rümeysa KOCAER

R.A. Mustafa Emrah BURHAN

R.A. Murat Onur YILDIRIM

- Organizing MÜDEK's works, carrying out the minutes and certification processes related to the meetings and works conducted

- Guiding the work of other commissions in line with MÜDEK expectations

- Coordinating the preparation of the MÜDEK self-assessment report

- Organizing the visit of the MÜDEK Evaluation Team to our Department and coordinating the preparation of the materials to be presented.

- Assisting the SDU Internal Audit Unit's work on our department within the framework of the SDU Internal Audit Unit Directive and preparing the requested documents.


Communication with Stakeholders

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Onur OLGUN (Chair)

R.A. Emine Rümeysa KOCAER

- Organizing periodic meetings with internal and external stakeholders.

- Ensuring communication with internal and external stakeholders and collaborating for activities that will contribute to the professional development of our students.

- Communication with our graduate students and questionnaire etc. follow-up with methods

- Providing coordination with the Alumni Association and providing the necessary support

- Organizing a meeting to introduce our Department to first-year students every year within the first two weeks of the Fall Semester

- Organizing career days and seminars

- Arranging various scientific, cultural, and social activities and technical trips, filing the organized events for presentation when needed.

- Organizing promotional activities for our department and taking part in such activities


Total Quality Commission

Asst. Prof. Dr. Serap AKCAN (Chair)

R.A. Emine Rümeysa KOCAER

- In line with the strategic plan and objectives of our University and Faculty; Establishing an internal and external quality assurance system for evaluating education and research activities and improving its quality,

- Conducting internal evaluation studies to include all educational and research activities and administrative services.


Information Technologies Commission

Asst. Prof. Dr. Erdal AYDEMIR (Chair)

R.A. Mustafa Emrah BURHAN

R.A. Murat Onur YILDIRIM

- Organizing computer laboratories and providing periodic maintenance

- To make suggestions about the active use of information technologies in the courses

- Keeping the department web page up-to-date, announcing exam solutions and survey results on the web page

- Following the e-mail address of the department and answering the questions

- Meeting, seminar, symposium, etc. announcement of scientific and social events and news on the website



Academic and Social Activities Commission

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Onur OLGUN (Chair)

R.A. Emine Rümeysa KOCAER

- Following the academic activities such as national and international Congress, Symposium, Seminar and Colloquium and informing students and academic staff of the department.

- To organize scientific meetings at the national and international levels.

- To organize meetings for the integration of the academic staff of the department with the students.

- To organize meeting meetings for students in the new enrollment period, to inform students about orientation.

- Organizing graduation activities for students to graduate.

- Informing and supporting students on social responsibility projects.




Academic Advisor
R.A. Emine Rümeysa KOCAER

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