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Our department started undergraduate and graduate education in the academic year of 2006-2007. Starting from 2015, our department has a PhD level education program, and academic activities are carried out in two departments as Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department. In our department, 2 Prof. Dr., 1 Assoc. Prof. Dr. 4 Asst.Prof. Dr. and 4 Res. Asst. including 11 academic personal and 2 administrative staff work in total.

As of February 2020, there are 655 undergraduate and 48 graduate students in our department which has 62 (I. Education) and 62 (II. Education) quotas. So far, 396 undergraduate and 22 graduate students have graduated from our department. In addition to our departmental students being from different geographical regions of our country, we also have students from Turkish Republics and Foreign Nationals.

Students who earn our department can read an optional 1 year foreign language preparatory class. Especially when a student who earns our department meets the necessary conditions, he / she can continue his higher education in different departments thanks to the Double-Major and Minor Programs.

Student exchange programs have become more diverse, especially since 2014. While our students continue one or two semesters with the Farabi program at another university in the Department of Industrial Engineering, this situation now covers the whole world with the Mevlana program. Within the scope of the European Union, our department sends Erasmus students to Fachhochschule Schmalkalden in Germany, Politecnico di Torino in Italy, Technological Education Institute (TEI) of Priaeus in Greece, Kielce University of Technology in Poland and University of Maribor in Slovenia. . On average, 10 students benefit from this program every year.

In addition, technical excursions, panels, economy days, career days, etc. are managed through our Industry and Quality Club, one of the oldest and largest student clubs of our university, managed by our department students. An average of 12 different social, cultural and scientific events are organized annually, in basic areas.

As academic and student projects, an average of 4 projects are supported by TÜBİTAK every year in our department, and achievements are achieved by supporting participation in different professional symposiums and other project competitions. In addition, different project applications have been made through the National Agency-supported European Union Youth Programs for our students, who have won the first and second place twice in national project competitions so far.

Süleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Engineering, Industrial Engineering Department, is the only Industrial Engineering department actively pursuing undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education in Antalya, Burdur and Isparta provinces. It leads the way in increasing the quality of manufacturing and service systems of Industrial Engineering techniques, especially in this region.

Our vision, mission and values:


To train engineers who are equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge required by various sectors, who can work on a global scale, and to be an educational and research institution where research and development studies are carried out at the highest level.


To train engineers who have the knowledge and skills to take responsibility in all areas of the Industrial Engineering profession and fulfill these responsibilities successfully, identify and solve problems, know how to access information, follow innovations and renew, produce, creative, sensitive and professional ethics. In addition, by working together with the industry, it is necessary to create and maintain the necessary infrastructure for conducting various scientific researches in order to increase efficiency and to develop solutions for the problems in various sectors and to present them to the relevant sectors.


·       Truthfulness, Honesty and Sincerity

·       Being Ethical and Competent in Academic Life

·       Business Discipline and Responsibility Awareness

·       Working on a Global Scale

·       Transparency

·       Positive Competition, Productivity and Continuity

·       Free and Original Thinking Ability

·       Social Responsibility Awareness

·       Openness to Lifelong Learning

·       Internationalization

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