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Department of Geological Engineering was established in 1983 at the Isparta EngineeringFaculty of Akdeniz University. The department was connected to the Suleyman DemirelUniversity founded in 1992. Bilateral (I. - II.) education was carried out between 1993 and2013 in the department. I. education still continues. In addition, optional foreign languagepreparatory class training is provided. The department of geological engineering includes fourmajor discipline: General Geology, Applied Geology, Ore Deposits - Geochemistry andMineralogy-Petrography. Since 1983, approximately 1500 student was graduate as GeologicalEngineer. The department has powerful academic staff. Also, the thin section, opticalmineralogy, geochemistry, engineering geology and general geology laboratories are availablefor training and research studies. The department of geological engineering at the SuleymanDemirel University has been in existence for over 25 years. During this time, the departmenthas been a leader at Mediterranean region in research and education in a variety of geosciencesubdisciplines. Numerous prominent researchers have served on the faculty, and thedepartment have become leaders in academia, in industry, and at research laboratories. It hasthe advantage of being a part of one of the top 10 public research universities in the nation.The department of geological engineering is developing common interests with severalprominent departments (e.g., mining engineering, geophysical engineering, chemistry,microbiology, civil engineering, materials research). Postgraduate education (master's withthesis and doctorate degrees) has been continuing in our department since 1984.

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