Graduation Procedures

To the attention of our students who will apply for graduation from the Department of Civil Engineering,

The graduation commission will meet every 4 (four) weeks and the meeting dates of the 2023 academic year graduation commission are given in the table below. (Important information: Graduation documents must be submitted at least two weeks before the commission meeting date. Otherwise, the result of the examination will be reported to the Dean's Office with a cover letter on the next meeting date.)

04.12.2023 08.01.2024 22.01.2024 05.02.2024 04.03.2024

Procedures to be Followed by Students in Graduation Status to Graduate:

You must deliver the documents you have prepared to the Civil Engineering department secretariat in a bag file.

Later Process:

Applications whose graduation petitions reach the secretariat 2 (two) weeks before the announced meeting date are then forwarded to the Department Graduation Commission and the student's transcript is examined in detail. The report of the commission that there is no obstacle to graduation is forwarded to the Head of the Department. Our examinations in our department take at least 15 (fifteen) days and if there is no problem in the examination, it is sent to the Dean's meeting on Tuesday with a cover letter. Appearance of diploma in e-government, delivery of diploma etc. Student affairs and our Dean's Office complete the formal procedures.


Graduation Commission