Internship Procedures

  • To the Attention of Our Students Who Will Do Internship in the Civil Engineering Department!

In addition to the General Internship Directive, the things that our students should do for Construction, Water and Highway Internships are given in the video links below, so that there is no deficiency in the internship application, acceptance and other processes of our department students. Students applying for internships must first read the general internship instructions and listen to the video. After listening to the video recordings prepared by our instructors in the internship commission according to the internship type, you can perform your internship procedures.

  • Table 1. Job Distribution of Internship Committee Members
  • Construction Intership Ph.D. Research Assistant Yasemin Şimşek TÜRKER 0 246 211 12 04
    Hydraulic Intership Research Assistant Ahmet Kubilay AKSAKAL 0 246 211 12 03
    Transportation Intership Research Assistant Aydın KICI 0 246 211 12 22


The internship procedures of our teachers in the Internship Commission are as in Table 1. In accordance with the internship subject given, our students must personally come to their responsible teacher on the dates specified in Table 2 and have their documents (Mandatory internship form and Internship application petition _ two pieces each) signed.


  • Table 2. Internship Application Schedule***

*** Insurance entry procedures will be followed by the Civil Engineering Department Secretariat. Documents should be left to the secretariat, following the deadlines given in the table. Before the start of the internship, the document showing the Insurance Entry Registration must be obtained from the department secretariat and/or via e-devlet (

*** Compliance with the above-mentioned dates is mandatory. No action will be taken in case of a document/application/signature/delivery to the secretariat that is delayed even one day. The application will be received again according to the dates of the next week.

*** You can also access the rules to be followed and the documents to be prepared regarding the internship directive at (



Internship Commission