Vision and Mission

The Vision of SDU Mining Engineering Department is;

*  to be the part of a internationally well-known Mining Engineering Department which is a modern and scientific education-oriented in co-operation with foreign universities,

*  to keep its educational standards same as with the internationally well-known Mining Engineering Departments,

*  to produce project and patents with the collaboration of mining sectors,

*  to graduate well-educated mining engineers for mining and mining-related industries.


The Mission of SDU Mining Engineering Department is;

*  to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate programs supported by up-to-date curriculum and practical courses,

* to graduate technically competent and well educated mining engineers who follow technological developments and innovations, mining engineers who are well-educated and mining engineers who have team skills,

*  to produce solutions for sectorial problems by scientific and industrial project with the cooperation of the mining industries,

to produce national and international projects and publications for the developments of new technologies.