Mineral Processing Laboratory


Mineral Processing operations include; Sampling, Homogenizing, Comminution (Crushing - Grinding), Classification and Drying Processes.

The Laboratory Instruments Used in Mineral Preparation are;

*  Automated Sample Divider

*  Various Types of Crushers

         # Jaw Crushers (Small and Large Capacity)

         # Hammer Crusher

         # Roll Crusher

         # Disc Crusher

*  Various Types of Mills

         # Bond Ball Mill

         # Ball Mill

         # Rod Mill

         # Ceramic Ball Mill

         #  Vibratory Mill

         #  Automated Agate Mortar

*  Sizing and Classification Instruments

         # Russel Type Rotary Sieve

         # Laboratory Control Screens

         # Pilot Scale Hydrocyclone Unit


Engineering Services provided in the field of Grinding and Classification;

*  Crushing, Grinding and Classification Circuit Design

*  Crusher Selection and Design

*  Ball, Rod and Autogenous Mill

*  Selection of Classifier and Screen

* Determination of Optimum Operating Conditions of equipments for Crushing, Grinding and Classification Circuits

*  Determination of Process Variables by Circuit Simulation

* Determination of Optimum Operating Conditions and Flowshheet Diagrams of Mineral Processing Plants



Coal is the most important raw material for energy production. Turkey has abundant coal reserves especially in lignite form. That is why the one of the most important interest area of the department’s mineral processing division is coal processing. The M.P. division contributes innovative technology development to coal beneficiation.

The mineral processing division of the department performs research projects integrated with coal industry. The laboratory is facilitated with its sufficient instrumental opportunities. 

Tests carried out in the coal processing and technology laboratory

*  Proximate Analysis

         #  Ash analysis,

         #  Volatiles Analysis,

         #  Moisture analysis,

         #  Fixed Carbon Analysis

*  Calorific Value Determination,

*  Briquetting Tests,

*  Wear Tests,

*  Sink-Float Tests,

*  Ultimate Analysis

          #  Carbon, Hydrogen and Sulfur Analysis


Engineering Services provided in the field of Coal Processing and Technology;

*  Gravity Concentration

*  Equipment Selection

*  Determination of Optimum Operating Conditions

*  Performance Evaluation

*  Determination of Effects of Process Variables by Circuit Simulation