Flotation Laboratory


Flotation is a separation method based on the differences in physical and chemical properties of the mineral particles. Flotation is widely used in fine-grained disseminated metallic minerals such as chalcopyrite, sphalerite, magnetite and rutile etc., non-metallic minerals such as feldspar, quartz, and wollastonite etc. It is also used to reduce the ash and fine-grained pyrite content of coal. 

Interest areas;

*  Contact angle measurement

*  Surface tension measurement

*  Determination of rheological properties of Pulp and/or foam

*  Determination of the bubble size distribution by Image analysis

*  Determination of mechanical handling

*  Research project supported by public and private sectors

*  Determination and optimization of conditions for beneficiation of ore bodies by using mechanical and column flotation

*  Preparation of Process flow diagrams, determination of variables used in the design of a plant by continuous experiments

*  Analysis of the technological problems faced in industrial applications

*  Performing Research on advanced materials (to expand the field of usage of mineral resources such as production of hydrophobic materials)