Excavation Mec.&Natural Stone Tech.


Excavation mechanics is a rapidly evolving science interested with the selection of the cutter and the excavation machine types and the prediction of the selected machine's performance according to excavation process to be made in different types of rocks.  The performance analyses of the excavation, cutting and the drilling machines used in the mining and construction sector and the optimum working conditions depend on the studied rock properties are performed through both for graduate and undergraduate researches as well as industrial applications in our laboratory.


The equipment located in the laboratory is as follows;

*  Laboratory scale drilling test device

*  Laboratory scale cutting test device 

*  Impact strength apparatus in various sizes

*  Hardness (Shore A , Mohs and Schmidt ) measurement

*  RIHN test

*  CRS test

*  Peshalov test

*  Compressive strength

*  Tensile strength

*  Point load strength

*  Punch test

*  K wedge test

*  S20 fragility test

*  Sievers miniature drilling

*  Drilling rate index ( DRI)

*  Cherchar Abrasion device




Physical, mechanical and chemical analysis of all kinds of natural stone products (marble, travertine, granite, basalt, diabase, etc... ) can be tested in accordance with national and international standards are carried out in our laboratory .


In our laboratory following tests are performed according to TSE, ASTM and ISRM norms;

*  Unit Volume Weight

*  Real Density ( Specific Gravity )

*  Porosity

*  Fullness Ratio

*  Surface Hardness Index

         #  Mohs Hardness

         #  Shore Surface Hardness

         #  Schmidt Hammer Hardness

*  Water Absorption by Weight and by Volume Under Athmospheric Pressure

*  Water Absorption by Weight and by Volume in Boiling Water

*  Compressive Strength

*  Compressive Strength After Freezing

*  Weight Loss After Freezing

*  Bending Strength Under Constant Moment

*  Bending Strength Under Heavy Load

*  Impact Strength Index

*  Bohme Surface Abrasion Index

*  Chemical Analysis (CaO , MgO, SiO2, Fe2O3)

*  P-wave Ultrasound Transmission

*  Los Angeles Abrasion Index

*  Polishing Quality Degree ( Gloss value)

*  Resistance to Open Air Influence

*  Mineralogical and Petrographical Analysis

*  Test for Determination of Sunburn

*  Natural Stone - Acid Interaction Analysis

*  Natural Stone - Base Interaction Analysis

*  Determining elastic parameters

*  Triaxial Compressive Strength

*  Brazilian Indirect Tensile Strength

*  Point Load Strength Index

*  Elasticity (Young) Module

*  Direct Shear Strength (Rock and Soil)

*  Slake Durability Index

*  Poisson Ratio



Preparation of ÇED Report

*  Quary Site Selection and Productivity Analysis

*  Block Size Analysis

*  Consulting Service