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The State Engineering and Architecture Academy of Isparta was established in 1976, then named as Isparta Engineering Faculty under The Mediterranean University in 1982. Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments were the founding departments. Later, Geological Engineering (in the academic year of 1983-1984), Mining Engineering (in the academic year of 1987-1988), Geophysics Engineering (in the academic year of 1988-1989) and Environmental Engineering (in 1992) Departments were established at Isparta Engineering Faculty.

Isparta Engineering Faculty continued its education as Engineering and Architecture Faculty. In 1993, TextileEngineering, Electronics and CommunicationEngineering, IndustrialEngineering, Computer Engineering, Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning departments opened their doors to students, respectively.Textile Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Architecture started education in the academic year 1995-1996. Urban and Regional Planning department began to education in the academic year 2005-2006. Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering department also began its education in the academic year 2006-2007. The Food Engineering Department joined the faculty in the academic year of  2007-2008.

Engineering and Architecture Faculty has separated to two entity as “Faculty of Engineering” and “Faculty ofArchitecture” at Süleyman Demirel University.Currently, in Süleyman Demirel University Engineering Faculty, research and education is conducted in 13 (Civil,Mechanical, Geology, Mining, Geophysics, Computer, Environment, Textile, Electronics and Communication, Industrial, Food, Chemistry and Automotive Engineering) departments and two programs.All departments in the Faculty of Engineering are located at the University's West Campus within Çünür Campus.

The aim of Engineering Faculty is to educate state-of-the-art and forward looking students who can synthetize knowledge and skills gained from the university in corresponding engineering disciplines. The competitive environment and technological improvements due to globalization and information society have an important impact on the education of engineering and its practices. Our mission is to train engineers capable of creating the future, in the light of national and universal values. 

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